Expert Poste Client

Make the best choice for your working capital Expert Poste Clients will find the best factoring solution that meets your cash requirements.

Evaluate Your Financing
A commitment to achieving the best cash position for your company

EPC Courtage represents your interests with the factoring companies, analyses and compares offers received and provides you with the results and options.


EPC Courtage speeds up the search process, optimises rates, and provides you with the best offer within 48 hours.


EPC Brokerage negotiates the best rates and facilitates a quick start of your contract, with the optimum finance amount against your invoices.


A dedicated EPC Courtage Consultant helps you monitor your contract, and advises you in your on-going finance development projects.

Our partners

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Expert Poste Clients, the best partner for your working capital
Optimise your cashflow with our tailor-made solutions
Credit insurance

Protects your company against the risk of unpaid invoices in France and other export territories.

Combine financing, collection of your invoice payments, and insurance against the risk of customer bad debt.


Signed guarantees from a financial institution, safeguarding your market position and economic partnerships.

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