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Expert Post Clients finds the best factoring solution to meet your cashflow requirements.

Our values Use our know-how to benefit your company


EPC Courtage represents your interests with the factoring companies, analyses and compares offers received and provides you with the results and options.


EPC Courtage speeds up the search process, optimises rates, and provides you with the best offer within 48 hours.


EPC Brokerage negotiates the best rates and facilitates a quick start of your contract, with the optimum finance amount against your invoices.


A dedicated EPC Courtage Consultant helps you monitor your contract, and advises you in your on-going finance development projects.

Our team As specialists in finance and client risk, we have strong partnerships with financial institutions.


Expert Duval & Associates e-Factoring

Expert Customer Brokerage (EPC Brokerage) is a registered firm of Intermediaries in Insurance, Banking and Finance (number ORIAS 07 027 591), as Insurance and Reinsurance Broker and in Bank Operations and Payment Services.
Established in 1998, we have a team of 12 people and a client portfolio followed by more than € 1.5 billion of cumulative turnover, with contracts in over twenty countries.
Expert Poste Clients is one of the largest independent firms in the marketplace.

EPC Courtage
12, rue de l'étoile
75017 Paris
Tel. +33(0)1 53 80 99 29
Tel. +33(0)4 72 34 38 20

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People trust us

We have sought advice from EPC Courtage to improve our cash management.

EPC Courtage has been able to offer us solutions specific to our sector. We created a partnership with a factoring company and signed a contract adapted to the size of our business. We can now better manage our cash and provide support for our development projects. EPC Courtage has totally met our expectations.

Marie Jo SOUR Responsable administratif et financier, ILTC
We needed an insurance solution for our customers

We called on EPC Courtage for its experience in our very niche emarketplace. Their help has been invaluable in many areas, notably contract negotiation to obtain the best conditions in terms of cost and operation. Furthermore EPC Courtage also negotiated maximum insurance lines for us, ensured the effective implementation of this contract and followed up during the first months as required. The experience and professionalism of the Poste Clients Expert Team has helped save us considerable time.

Thierry Gygax Directeur administratif, ALPEN TECH
Our market sector generates significant cash gaps.

Very quickly overwhelmed by the number of factoring offers and the difficulty in comparing them, we decided to call on EPC to guide us in our research. Using an expert in this area, plus the professionalism of the team has been a tremendous time saver in identifying market opportunities and managing the negotiation phase with factoring companies. The firm's sense of service and expertise are such that we would gladly recommend it to any company wishing to optimize the management of its client receivables.

Stanislas Desmarty Manager, Basus SAS