Regulated Sector Financial Guarantees, how do they work?

A financial guarantee system covers your obligations on behalf of your government suppliers and partner organisations.
  1. You make a request for a financial guarantee to the relevant companies.
  2. The guarantee company grants you the required guarantees under French regulations.
  3. Your clients and / or subcontractors are compensated in the event of default.

Our methodology We carry out an analysis of your guarantee requirements to suggest the best solution.

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Business analysis

We analyse the amount of the guarantee that is required.

Making submissions to surety companies

We send guarantee companies the analysis so you can promptly receive offers within 5 days.


We send you a comparison to help choose the offer best suited to your needs.

Contract signature

We assist you in all aspects of signing and completing your guarantee contract.

Save time, secured clients, alternative to bank guarantee
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Combining financing, invoice payment collection, and insurance against the risk of customer bad debt.


Insurance protecting your company against the risk of unpaid customers in France and abroad.

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